All hands on deck!

Captains Log With the boats on dock, the crew is working hard to prepare for the upcoming adventures after the rainy season. First, remove everything, and we mean everything, the boats are bare. Second, strip the wood of all paint and treat everything for waterproofing. Naring is having a complete refit where we are making […]

divine diving website

Divine Diving proudly presents her brand new website!

Quick overview about diving opportunities in Komodo? Finding daytrip or liveaboard cruises for Komodo National Park? Booking dive holidays complete with accommodation, diving and transport? On the new website of Divine Diving you can find all information quickly and easy. Divine Diving is proud to present with the start of 2017 a new online face: [...]

Day Trips Komodo – onboard ‘Naring’

A few weeks ago, we posted an article about the advantages of joining our liveaboard cruises in Komodo. Today, we would like to share with you the advantages of doing daily diving trips onboard our vessel ‘Naring’! Budget Although a liveaboard is not as expensive as you might think, the cheaper option to dive in […]


Divine Diving is now a Shark Guardian Dive Center!

Dear fellow ocean lovers, We are now a Shark Guardian Dive Center! Sharks are fascinating creatures and play an integral part in our ocean’s ecosystem. Diving with sharks is an exciting and beautiful (and safe) experience you should not miss! Recently, we had the honor of hosting Shark Guardian’s founder Brendon Sing, who held a [...]

Why choose our liveaboard Weta Molas to explore Komodo?

What are the advantages of a liveaboard? A liveaboard cruise is a great way to explore the Komodo National Park. Instead of making the cruise from and to the mainland every day, spend the nights on a comfortable boat. Relax in the evenings under the starry sky, and enjoy the silence of the ocean. A [...]

Dive Equipment Service

Servicing the dive gear is an important part of our work routine. We have 3 qualified Scubapro Service Technicians and one Aqualung Service Technician here at Divine Diving. We do scheduled routine maintenance throughout the year and a full service once per year. And recently, we purchased shiny new regulators, BCDs, boots and fins to […]


Meet the Team: Ito

We are one big family here at Divine Diving. In our series "Meet the Team", we will regularly introduce one of our staff members or Divemaster Trainees. They all contribute to making our operations smooth, safe and fun for our guests. ITO Where are you from? I am from Ruteng, Flores. What is your job [...]

Staying safe in Komodo’s currents

The currents in Komodo can get rather strong, which are also the reason why the marine life here is so abundant and pristine. Currents bring in nutrition and "big stuff" such as sharks and manta rays love a good current! Safe diving is our primary concern here at Divine Diving. With these tips in mind, [...]

Clean-up activities

It goes without saying that plastic waste is a huge threat to our oceans, its marine life, and marine debris is even directly affecting human health. Protecting our environment should be the primary concern of everyone! Divine Diving is a member of DOCK, the Dive Operators Community of Komodo. We work together with several other [...]